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Farming Business

The farming tradition at the Baite di Pra of the Rendena Valley

“Growing up in the mountains is good for you!”…and our products are the perfect example!

The farmhouse M2G offers to our lucky guests all the products of this tiny, hidden valley in Trentino. Products which are of undeniable quality and that grow immersed in a tranquility that only the uncompromised mountains of Trentino can provide.

All of this is rigorously produced via natural means and always at our guests’ disposal, who become themselves primary protagonists of the attention and careful selection, and who can enjoy the privilege of consuming healthy, organic products..which sometimes they may pick up from the garden themselves.

Eat our products, come with us to pick them from the garden…dirt your hands!

In our farming business in the Rendena Valley we grow blueberries and snails, and recently we have even created a new garden for selected vegetables and healing herbs. The farmhouse Baite di Pra does not only grow fruit and vegetables, but produces honey and even cheese!

In the near future we will be planting a small orchard and settling a few beehives, hoping that the greedy brown bear living in the woods won’t consider it too much of a temptation!

In the near Bedù creek you will be able to fish the Fario trout and the arctic char
Our farming business in the Rendena Valley offers you the possibility to take part in the harvest and conservation of fruit, and show you how to create delicious recipes which not only heighten the taste but even appraise the nutritional aspects.

Being aware of the origin of the products we consume and allowing oneself to indulge into authentic flavours does not happen every day.

Our farming business in Trentino places at your disposal its cosy restaurant, which is characterised by healthy, genuine products that are produced in its own farmhouse Baite di Pra, in the Borzago Valley.

A small bite is all it takes to transport you into the kitchens of the past, where the products collected in our gardens are the ones that provide the authenticity and healthiness of our traditional cuisine.

Our restaurant in the Rendena Valley glorifies genuine products and traditional recipes, but takes advantage of modern cooking techniques in order to render every meal healthier and more digestible.

Try the genuine products of our farmhouse in Trentino

In our restaurant in the Rendena Valley you can experience those flavours that words cannot describe, those moments where time seems to stop for fully enjoying the pleasures of epicureans.

To taste our dishes and our products at the restaurant Baite di Pra you are welcome to book in advance. We are usually open 6 months a year during summer time, from May to October.

Book, call +39 348 0025707

Baite di Pra Azienda Agricola

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Baite di Pra Azienda Agricola
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Farmhouse Baite di Pra

Località Prà - Val di Borzago - 38088

Spiazzo (TN), Italy.


Tel. +39 348 0025707